Tahiti Fashion Week for i-D

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“Yellow represents the sun and is the color of life, or the ora. The colors must link with a story, an idea, a concept, a legend of the land.”

After almost having their entire culture erased, these South Pacific Islanders are reviving the folklore in unapologetic celebration of their traditions. The rise of traditional tattoos and world renown Polynesian dance groups have pushed the culture. But more recently, Tahitian designers have resurged the use of the materials that characterized the traditional costume to create modern, culturally-charged pieces, and these pieces rule the runways of Tahiti Fashion Week.

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Creative Director/Stylist: Alexander-Julian Gibbson
Photographer: Emmanuel Monsalve
Assistants: Lina Palacios // Teani Liu
Production: Manu de Schoenburg of Filmin’ Tahiti
Make-up: Nadia Hilal
Hair: Mareva David
Models: Tia Wan + Hinaniui Campello BRAVE Models
Dancers: NONAHERE Dance Group