OkayAfrica // The 10 Best Moments from Lagos Fashion Week 2018

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Photo by Kola Oshalusi.


The 10 Best Moments from Lagos Fashion Week 2018

A recap of the memorable designs and raw talent showcased at this year's Lagos Fashion Week.

What is Lagos without the energy? 

In Africa's most populated city, vigor and vibrancy are what cultivate the energy that keeps the city bustling and thriving, despite the efforts of NEPA. That very same energy was definitely present throughout this season's fashion week shows. Afromodernism, theatrical showmanship, and celebrity appearances were some of the themes in many of the presentations, but never in lieu of genuine and raw design talent.

This curated collection of Africa's finest designers managed to keep the audience attention on a rollercoaster ride of discerning moments throughout the ongoing parade of models and garments. To help digest these moments, I've put together my top 10 from the fashion rollercoaster that was Lagos Fashion Week 2018.


Before The Things Were Wild.

Before the things were wild, they were rooted in nature, exuding grace and growth; fostering a boiling passion of potential, truth, and hope. Passion spent day by day leaking through the seams; seams woven by time, circumstance, and youth. But never fear, the seamster would soon give way. Like a pair of new shoes on feet well travelled mirrors the fate of circumstance. Because at the setting of the sun, and before the midnight bell chimes, on our side, he waits, the seamster, Father Time.

Creative Direction + Styling by Alexander-Julian / Photography by SUNK

Models: Jasmine Dottin + Venance Chiepodeu