Fendi SoHo Lunar New Year Pop-Up

photo by Tyler burt

Event: FENDI SoHo Re-Opening // Lunar New Year Event
Date: February 11th, 2016
Event Type: In-Store Cocktail Reception
Location: New York, NY
Budget: ///
Guests:125+ guests

FENDI SoHo Lunar New Year Event | In-Store Cocktail Party - February 11th

Concept: Fendi celebrated the Lunar New Year and the relocation of the Fendi SoHo pop-up with a Chinese-focused cocktail event occurring the first week that the boutique was reopened.  Hosted by Alexander Liang of KENTON Magazine. 

Objective: Target 75-100 local and international Chinese influencers, Hennessy + Fendi VICs/VIPs, and local and national Chinese media


SOCIAL MEDIA: Event garnered 940,000 social media impressions through strategic use of partner social channels and guests’ posts.