Highsnobiety // 24 Hours in Auckland, New Zealand


City Guide: 24 Hrs in Auckland

Get the Most Out of Your 24-Hour Layover in New Zealand’s Gateway

Thanks to Air New Zealand’s setup, Auckland is the international gateway to the green pasture paradise that is New Zealand. But before you head on to Queenstown to hit the slopes, bungee jump off cliffs, and dive into all the other insanity that happens in the country’s tourism capital, be sure to check out Auckland in full. Thanks to the city’s collection of boutique streetwear spots, standout restaurants, and lively nightlife, Auckland has established itself as a city on the up. So extend that layover and turn your mandatory pitstop into 24 hours in New Zealand’s coolest city.

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With West Africa’s love for fashion and Nigeria’s surplus of talented tailors and designers, it would be foolish to leave Lagos without some statement pieces to upgrade your wardrobe in tow. But whether it’s your first time in the city or your tenth, finding the right threads in the right places is always a challenge.  Here, I’ve broken down just where to go to find the perfect pieces in this bustling metropolis—and where to snag some local Lagotian designers on Instagram from anywhere in the world.

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