Passion Passport | Explore New Zealand’s Majestic Landscape Through an iPhone 8

Alexander-Julian (AJ) Gibbson uses his talents as a fashion stylist and editor to travel the world. Recently, his work brought him to Wellington, New Zealand, where the World of WearableArt (WOW) Fashion/Art Exhibition is held each year. AJ was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and now resides in Brooklyn, New York, so the remote wildness and dramatic landscapes he found in New Zealand mesmerized him instantly. When some downtime finally presented itself, he jumped at the chance to explore — with his iPhone, no less.

Hoping to learn more about his awe-inspiring trip and the imprints it left behind, we caught up with AJ upon his return to the States.

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New Zealand on iPhone

New Zealand on iPhone8+

by Alexander-Julian Gibbson

All photos captured on the Apple iPhone 8+

and edited with VSCO Mobile App. 

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AVHS [on film] for GALORE

AVHS COVER-webb.jpg

Partnered with Manual NYC to shoot NYC photographer Adrienne Raquel in the summer's final ode to glitter on their 400 ISO Fujifilm Disposable Cameras for Galore Magazine. 


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BTS Video shot and edited on the iPhone 8+.