GQ // Cartagena: Where to Stay, Eat, Drink on a Boat, and Dance in the Caribbean's Hottest Capital


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Like many other southern-raised New York transplants, I often suffer from severe cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder come January. Any time the temperature drops below freezing I am, more than usual, prone to sudden outbursts of rage. The past few years, to celebrate my late-January birthday, I have been sentenced to celebrate amidst a snow storm named after some unfortunate baby boomer. This time around, I was determined to bring in my big day shirtless. Colombia’s colorful Spanish-Caribbean culture, beautifully clear waters, and 90 degree mid-January weather forecast resonated with me in a special way this birthday season. All that, plus I found an insanely cheap deal on plane tickets and convinced a big group of friends to come with me...