Coveteur // The World’s Most Over-the-top Runway Happens to Be in New Zealand

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The World’s Most Over-the-top Runway Happens to Be in New Zealand

Part Cirque du Soleil, part Broadway play, and part avant-garde couture show, New Zealand’s annual World of WearableArt Show (WOW) is, in a word, mesmerizing.

OkayAfrica // The 10 Best Moments from Lagos Fashion Week 2018

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Photo by Kola Oshalusi.


The 10 Best Moments from Lagos Fashion Week 2018

A recap of the memorable designs and raw talent showcased at this year's Lagos Fashion Week.

What is Lagos without the energy? 

In Africa's most populated city, vigor and vibrancy are what cultivate the energy that keeps the city bustling and thriving, despite the efforts of NEPA. That very same energy was definitely present throughout this season's fashion week shows. Afromodernism, theatrical showmanship, and celebrity appearances were some of the themes in many of the presentations, but never in lieu of genuine and raw design talent.

This curated collection of Africa's finest designers managed to keep the audience attention on a rollercoaster ride of discerning moments throughout the ongoing parade of models and garments. To help digest these moments, I've put together my top 10 from the fashion rollercoaster that was Lagos Fashion Week 2018.


GQ // Bermuda Is the Best Place to Find Hidden, Almost-Private Beaches

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"One day you may be able to afford you own private beach, but it the mean time you can fake it till you make it with these almost-secret beaches."

It’s time we all admitted something that nobody is talking about: beaches can really suck.

On no normal day would I want to spend hours among hundreds of half naked strangers, or be wedged between a random sunburned guy clad in a miniature speedo and tons of over-enthused beach goers kicking around sand in what can only be explained as a ploy to build a sand castle in my mouth. And If you’re not tormented by the views of scarlet red peeling skin or a mouth (and bathing suit) full of sand, just consider the cringe-worthy display of the peacocking “gym guy” that has finally made his way to the beach to show-off the “beach body” he spent the last 9 months cultivating.

But admittedly, stripped of all human factors, a day at the beach is a beautiful gift from nature, even for us skeptics. And even better than a beautiful beach is a beautiful beach with nobody else on it. Get ready to lay out in your tiny speedo, kick up a sandstorm in every direction you can figure, and develop a weird sunburn all your own–this beach is all yours, king.

OkayAfrica | Alexander-Julian Gibbson & Daniel Obasi Team Up for a Stunning Editorial

Alexander-Julian Gibbson & Daniel Obasi Team Up for a Stunning Editorial Featuring 6 Top Nigerian Creatives

Nigerian-American stylist and content creator Alexander-Julian Gibbson returns from his recent trip to his homeland with a fresh editorial featuring six Nigerian creatives you need to know for Coveteur. We interviewed him to discuss the motive and idea behind his work, check out the interview below:

Nigerian Creative Roundtable for COVETEUR

-- Photos by Daniel Obasi // Styled by Alexander-Julian (all clothing by young Nigerian designers)





Gifted with a deep and rich culture, today’s African artists have imagined up a world where these traditions are brought into the 21st century, a cultural aesthetic popularly known as Afromodernism. Nigeria has served as a fashion and music hub for this culture cultivation, leading the pack of African creatives. So I went to Nigeria and gathered some of the new class of influential creative artists for a roundtable shot by Daniel Obasi, the 23 year old photographer/art director, who has been capturing the beauty of these creative minds, including his own, for the past few years. They say humanity started in Africa, if so, Nigeria was definitely where they got fresh first.

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Age: 28

CV: Musical Artist, “The 5 Coolest Women in Lagos” by Vogue and Nigeria’s Favorite Front Row Musician


Adekunle Gold


Age: 31

CV: 2x Billboard Top 10 World Artist for About30 and Gold




Age: 28

CV: Designer of Orange Culture

Bai Joiner

Creative Consultant

Age: 24

CV: Creative Consultant for Native Magazine

Eku Edewor

Actress/TV Personality

Age: 31

CV: Host of 53 Extra + plays “Nneka” in Nigeria’s first legal drama, Castle and Castle.



Age: 28

CV: Designer of Ré Lagos/Owner of Wèré House