Condé Nast Traveler IG Takeover - Lagos



Condé Nast Traveler IG Takeover

I took over Condé Nast Traveler’s Instagram account (@cntraveler) to highlight my trip to Lagos, Nigeria. In the story I covered Lagos’ amazing food culture, where to find and buy the latest Nigerian designer pieces, the reigning Nigerian music scene, and all the other fun things to do in the bustling city.

L'Officiel USA: Modern NY Sophistication


L'Officiel USA: Modern New York Sophistication

In an era when the boundary between formalwear and streetwear is ever more blurred, tailored pieces mingle with graphics, logomania, and enormous shades for the coolest Fall 2018 menswear inspiration.

Fall Editorial shot for L'Officiel USA by Noa Grayevsky.

Styled by Alexander-Julian Gibbson

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Full look by Dior

Full look by Dior

Leather coat and top by Fendi, pant and gloves by Moschino, sunglasses by Rein

Leather coat and top by Fendi, pant and gloves by Moschino, sunglasses by Rein

Full look Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Full look Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Photographed by Noa Grayevsky
Styled by Alexander-Julian Gibbson
Stylist Asst: Evan Lawson
Grooming: Admin Rivero
Models: Jonah and Prynce (Red Models)
Photo Asst: Amanda Unger
shot at  Urban Myth Studio

NY Mag // Everywhere and Nowhere | What it’s really like to be black and work in fashion.


… But Money and Access Trump Talent Every Time

“Class is a major factor in a person of color’s career trajectory. I’ve been so poorly paid that I’ve had to say, “Look, I cannot live like this.” I don’t have parents paying all my bills. In fashion, there’s always this expectation and assumption of privilege.”
—Alexander-Julian Gibbson, editor

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AVHS [on film] for GALORE

AVHS COVER-webb.jpg

Partnered with Manual NYC to shoot NYC photographer Adrienne Raquel in the summer's final ode to glitter on their 400 ISO Fujifilm Disposable Cameras for Galore Magazine. 


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BTS Video shot and edited on the iPhone 8+.

GQ // Bermuda Is the Best Place to Find Hidden, Almost-Private Beaches

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"One day you may be able to afford you own private beach, but it the mean time you can fake it till you make it with these almost-secret beaches."

It’s time we all admitted something that nobody is talking about: beaches can really suck.

On no normal day would I want to spend hours among hundreds of half naked strangers, or be wedged between a random sunburned guy clad in a miniature speedo and tons of over-enthused beach goers kicking around sand in what can only be explained as a ploy to build a sand castle in my mouth. And If you’re not tormented by the views of scarlet red peeling skin or a mouth (and bathing suit) full of sand, just consider the cringe-worthy display of the peacocking “gym guy” that has finally made his way to the beach to show-off the “beach body” he spent the last 9 months cultivating.

But admittedly, stripped of all human factors, a day at the beach is a beautiful gift from nature, even for us skeptics. And even better than a beautiful beach is a beautiful beach with nobody else on it. Get ready to lay out in your tiny speedo, kick up a sandstorm in every direction you can figure, and develop a weird sunburn all your own–this beach is all yours, king.