There's a New Cat in Town.


There's a New Cat in Town.

photos by Fred Sands, IV

10:42 A.M., fresh off the heels of graduation, and waking up in a daze of freedom, boredom, and lawlessness to a message reading.. 

"you wanna shoot today?"

"Yea, let's run it." 

"I'm free at 2:30. I trust your vision."

Cool, because there was more sleep to be had, and more dreams to dream...  

I dreamt about the realm I was entering as a graduate, and what look would narrate what I wanted to stand for. I dreamt about moving out of the space of student and moving into the space of a budding black professional. I dreamt of how I wanted my status as a Howard Alumnus to effect my style. My style had already been "Howard-ified," if you may, over the past four years, but this, this was a whole new level. Finally out of bed, I stand in front of my closet meticulously building my outfit, as if I'm molding my future itself. I channeled my time as an employee at Suitsupply, drifted towards my affinity for long coat (with a more summer appropriate twist, of course), and threw on my newest white shoes. That morning I hopped off the stoop I had been sitting on for the past 16 years, ready to hit the mean streets of the real world, dressed like the man I want to be, in my new white shoes, and feeling like the new cat in town.


Summer coat by Topman Design, shirt + tie by Suitsupply, trousers by American Apparel, shoes + sunglasses by ASOS.