Space Cowboy for VOGUE Italia

Space Cowboy (2019)

for Vogue Italia



Emmanuel Monsalve

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by Alexander-Julian and Emmanuel Monsalve

A story of love and acceptance. We often view new cultures and foreign entities as threats to what we know, but when given the opportunity these new cultures can enhance our outlook and open us to a greater existence.

The female subject in this story represents a beautiful otherworldly being that finds itself in a new surrounding where she’s immediately detained and seen as a threat. The two male subjects represent the opposite realities that exist in that environment. In the end, the realities converge and only one is able to accept and love the new foreign being. Together they enjoy a new enhanced reality.

I chose Western-wear and Space Obsession to portray this story because these two timeless trends represent different mindsets and philosophies in America. Being a native born Texan, I consider Western-wear an homage to pride and classic Americana, while the Space Obsession represents the world’s curiosity for a new world as an escape. The themes were visually inspired by Kozaburo a Japanese-American menswear brand and MM6 Maison Margiela’s 2018 collection.

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Creative Direction & Styling: Alexander-Julian

Photographer: Emmanuel Monsalve

Make-Up: Sandy Nicha (@sandy_nicha)

Hair: David Kemp

Fashion Assistant: Camille Camejo

Models: Yousseff Bamba , DNA Models Kendall Harrison, DNA Models Tricia Akello, Muse Models

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