At the Afropunk Festival, the Best Looks Were All About Soul, Power, and Politics



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Check out the inspiring style from Brooklyn’s legendary Afropunk Fest—including looks from stars like Sza, Miguel, Sampha and more.

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Once a year, Afropunk Festival comes to town—and once a year, Brooklyn’s Fort Green neighborhood gets a good ol’ dose of funky, badass, awesomely cool style, culture, and political expression from Afropunk. The same festival that stands out as arguably one of New York City’s most ecstatic displays of expressive freedom and eccentricity, also comes with a long list of non-negotiable rules: “No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, and No Hatefulness.” Afropunk is as much about the good music as it is about the good people.

In their 15 years of existence, Afropunk has managed to curate an environment that can only be described as an ethereal, momentary hideaway for black people from all corners and crevices of the diaspora —and this year was no different. The festival explicitly invites folks to come and be who they are, wear whatever they wear, and dance how they dance. It was a blank space to freak out in—and freak out they did.

Although Afropunk was originally founded as a music festival (this year Sampha, SZA, and Solange performed and they were simply unreal), the music almost serves as a soundtrack—especially this year—for a grander kaleidoscope of community, fashion, political statements, and strength of spirit. The scene was an overwhelmingly beautiful sea of brown and black faces using their style as a means of expression, protest, and activism. We sent our photographer to float amidst the dancing, double-dutch, and radiating to capture the magic for part of our Style In The Wild series.

Scenes from Crop Over, the Festival That Birthed All Those Rihanna Photos


What everyone who isn't Rihanna wore to Barbados' Crop Over festival

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Every few years, like some sort of solar eclipse, photos of Rihanna adorned in an arrangement of nothing but jewels and feathers grace the internet. In the following weeks, these rare and extraordinary images take over the internet; they are unavoidable, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The occasion we have to thank for this semiregular spectacle is Crop Over, Barbados' most popular and colorful festival. Its origins can be traced back to the 1780's, in celebration of Barbados’s sugar cane harvest. Now it’s a week full of events, a medley of food, music, and culture that all lead up to one of the most picturesque scenes you’ll find in Barbados: Grand Kadooment.

People from all over the Caribbean—and, yes, even tourists—join in on Crop Over’s dizzying carnival parade and “jump” with large bands dressed in vibrant and elaborate costumes. It’s a day where everyone gets together to drink rum (it originated in Barbados, remember), whine and vibe to Soca and Calypso music, and celebrate Bajan culture until the sun goes down, and then keep going much much longer after that.

Fendi Collateral + Marketing Materials

Printed and digital collateral and specialized merchandise designed, in-house, for FENDI Americas marketing programs and events by Alexander-Julian.

candy by LuxeLollies

These Fendi-inspired lollipops were based off of the Saks Fifth Avenue Exclusive Monster Collection, and were given to customers who shopped during the FENDI x Saks Fifth Avenue 2015 October Window Takeover Event in NYC.

Designed by: Alexander-Julian | Produced by: LuxeLollies Inc.

Before The Things Were Wild.

Before the things were wild, they were rooted in nature, exuding grace and growth; fostering a boiling passion of potential, truth, and hope. Passion spent day by day leaking through the seams; seams woven by time, circumstance, and youth. But never fear, the seamster would soon give way. Like a pair of new shoes on feet well travelled mirrors the fate of circumstance. Because at the setting of the sun, and before the midnight bell chimes, on our side, he waits, the seamster, Father Time.

Creative Direction + Styling by Alexander-Julian / Photography by SUNK

Models: Jasmine Dottin + Venance Chiepodeu


There's a New Cat in Town.


There's a New Cat in Town.

photos by Fred Sands, IV

10:42 A.M., fresh off the heels of graduation, and waking up in a daze of freedom, boredom, and lawlessness to a message reading.. 

"you wanna shoot today?"

"Yea, let's run it." 

"I'm free at 2:30. I trust your vision."

Cool, because there was more sleep to be had, and more dreams to dream...  

I dreamt about the realm I was entering as a graduate, and what look would narrate what I wanted to stand for. I dreamt about moving out of the space of student and moving into the space of a budding black professional. I dreamt of how I wanted my status as a Howard Alumnus to effect my style. My style had already been "Howard-ified," if you may, over the past four years, but this, this was a whole new level. Finally out of bed, I stand in front of my closet meticulously building my outfit, as if I'm molding my future itself. I channeled my time as an employee at Suitsupply, drifted towards my affinity for long coat (with a more summer appropriate twist, of course), and threw on my newest white shoes. That morning I hopped off the stoop I had been sitting on for the past 16 years, ready to hit the mean streets of the real world, dressed like the man I want to be, in my new white shoes, and feeling like the new cat in town.


Summer coat by Topman Design, shirt + tie by Suitsupply, trousers by American Apparel, shoes + sunglasses by ASOS.


Bison Ball + Excellence Awards - The Concrete Rose

Bison Ball + Excellence Awards - The Concrete Rose

Bison Ball is an annual white-tie gala honoring the Howard University community and it's commitment to Truth and Service. It is celebrated with an awards ceremony entitled The Excellence Awards that honors members of the Howard community for excellence in the community and their fields and is accompanied by a seated dinner. The awards ceremony is followed by a reception filled with dancing and delicious hors d'oeuvres. 

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