About Alexander-Julian 

Alexander-Julian is a stylist and creative specialist based in New York City. He is a proud graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, concentration in Public Relations. Since his beginnings in the fashion industry in 2010, Alexander has gone on to work with large enterprises including Coca-Cola, XXL, Atlantic Records, FLAUNT Magazine, GQ Magazine, and FENDI Americas in a wide range of content and consulting capacities. Alexander's styling and creative direction has been employed by the likes of GQ, FLAUNT, elektro, and XXL magazines. His work as an event planner has led him to execute numerous productions including four large-scale fashion shows, and a few very fancy parties.

-- In reality, this is quite simply my attempt at showing you everything cool I've done in the last 24 years.

contact: aj@alexanderjulian.info

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